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Artie and John have NOT Evolved! With Adam Levy of Radaronline

Posted on Sep 27, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 16 comments

We welcome Adam Levy of to the show to discuss the events of the past few weeks, Artie finally opening up, and John being the classic shit stirrer that he is. Also a walk-thru of the stunningly egotistical farewell to AGT video, and more!

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  1. thanks Grizz! xoxo

  2. There would be much more credence to your Stern-bashing podcast without your weird blatant racism and cackling. Super mean-spirited for the sake of being hateful. Borders on legally actionable defamation. But I listened anyway.

  3. Finally a Podcast That Speaks The Truth about The True Howard Stern. I am Personally Sick of all This Non Shock Jock Wigging Out Everytime Someone Brings up The Truth! Remember The Truth Howard?
    You use to Claim to your Fans to Trust you; and you Always Spoke The Truth. For Your next Magic Trick You Should Disappear!!! I thing the Fucking Wig Glue has Gotten to your Fucking Brain! You Have drank so much of You Own Kool – Aid That you Actually believe Your Own SHIT!

    Thank You;
    Keep Up The Good Fight

  4. Now that I think about it we could form our partnership into a c Corp, then make an s Corp election. That again would reduce our taxable income and increase our For AGI deductions. We wouldn’t pay soc sec taxes or Futa, and we could take salaries in the form of distributions via dividends. That would lower our basis in the Corp, true, but it’s not like we couldn’t make capital contributions to raise the basis back up! And remember any return of capital is not taxed by the gov! We could also use income shifting strategies by setting up a new biz entity in a lower tax state, but without nexus! That way we could lower the tax burden further! Remember we want to defer income while accelerating deductions, especially as it appears the FED won’t raise interest any time soon! And after all that we could still take cocks in our ass for cigarettes! We wouldn’t have to take tons of cocks, but you don’t want to lose touch with your roots, you know? Don’t let the money change you man, that’s too easy.

  5. Did you know that I “couldn’t get enough cocks in my ass to get a pack a cigarettes”? That’s just hogwash. I appreciate that your trying to “add” to the conversation but theirs no need for defamatory statements. Ps have I ever told you about the business proposal I have regarding repurposed Chindo”s aka “accommodatiors”? I say we get people’s slightly used and discarded chindos and repurpose them to function as standard dildos. That way we help the environment while making a tidy profit. Theirs very little labor expenses, slight overhead, and minimal capital required. I could then afford a pack of cigarettes, or save the profit in the form of retained earnings thus reinvesting In our venture. By gaining retained earnings or market share could increase exponentially! And I could enjoy paying taxes on the dividends distributed via our biz entity as opposed to paying ordinary, earned income taxes. This way j could shoves tons of cocks in my ass for fun, not tobacco! Are ya with me?

  6. check out the jail knowledge on captain pedophile …what is the going rate for cigarettes in jail these days? bet you couldn’t get enough dick in your ass for a pack of smokes…

  7. A fifi is jail lingo for fucking a cardboard toilet paper roll. You stuff it full of baby oil soaked tissues and proceed to fuck it. I also advocate for the use and sale of repurposed, nonwashed chindo”s. Those are used, discarded dildos one straps to their chins. Just cause one person used it does not mean it should be thrown out! I’m all about sustainability…..AMISH TOES! PUSSY PALACE! JEWBRISSSSSSS!

  8. Ps in jail lingo a fifi is a toilet paper roll stuffed with tissue that is soaked in baby oil or any lotion. You then proceed to fuck the tube. This only lowers the AIDs rate in jail. I also advocate for the sale of and use of standard, nonwashed, repurposed Chin-dos. That’s a used, discarded chin based dildo, naw mean my doood?

  9. Wow your adding so much with your razor sharp wit and original insight. Keep adding to the site!

  10. They point out hypocrisy….while then doing everything howard does, ie arguing with comments yet leaving out key parts of text, claiming to love “haters” only to delete criticism, feigning outrage at howard silencing O and A only to silence their fans, claiming to miss free speech on stern show while stifling others expression…so much for “own it…OOOOOWWWWNNNN ITTTTT!” WAAAAARP WAAAARP MAH MAH MAH MAH EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. SNORT SNORT eeeeeEEEEEEeeee. That’s not gay, that’s Matthew Shepard gay

  11. You can’t tell me I’m lying though, if your a fan you’d know it’s all true. And thanks for saying faggot, fuck that pc bullshit.

  12. It is hypocrisy! The heavy edited tapes speak for themselves..I remember the time I put peanut butter on my tiny cock and my mom’s dog Fifi walked in cock-teasing me like she always does… well Fifi was not going to get away with it this time… So I put 3 table spoons of chunky Jiffy on my Woodrow Wilson… My dad had to put Fifi down the next day

  13. great job… so refreshing to hear people talk about Stern and having fun doing so…

  14. think they are doing a great job of pointing out hypocrisy…the site admin just don’t want others catching AIDS from your faggot posts

  15. your comment sucks dick faggot… try adding to the site rather than typing to make the voices in your head stop

  16. You hit it out of the park. Best episode yet.