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Cocktober Week 2 Part 2

Posted on Dec 4, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

Okay, Part 2 where we really delve into what Dennis thinks is the best interview of the year, and indeed it was classic. Broken into two parts. Enjoy

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  1. Nod to Monique for the following comments (paraphrasing)

    “Oh I fucking HATE him (Wiggy)!”

    “…that time she (Beefus) kissed a weasel”

    Literally laughed loudly on the weasel comment.

  2. thanks for listening!

  3. thanks for listening!

  4. If Ronnie was any kind of friend he woulda pulled the fire alarm after Plant calls him ‘dad’.

    I would have liked to been a wall fly for this interview’s Post-mortem.
    First thing I noticed was the lack of contemporary questions. He actually asked, ‘… are you seeing anyone? What’s going on in your world?’ That’s something Research/Notes Team usually covers (e.g. how rich are you?). And he didn’t even dig into his stock questions: Parents disappointed? Do you celebrate your cock monthly?
    I wonder if thought he could tackle this alone? The Back Office usually steps-up before he’s humiliated this much.

    Good stuff.
    There wasn’t much coverage on this and fans are already over it b/c Thursday Panel Show. Thanks for the extra effort getting this to broadcast.

  5. Wiggy had a communication breakdown with Robert Plant, leaving everyone dazed and confused.

  6. I am glad that you mentioned the ‘Wake Saga’ towards the end and how the story has now changed to ‘an entire flight of stairs’. It’s ironic that for somebody who tells the same story time-after-time, at no time does a story match the previous rendition of it. Great Show, glad you guys are catching-up!