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So why are we doing this?

I couldn’t sleep one very early morning in January of 2015 and threw on a repeat of the Howard Stern show from the day before.  While listening to those bits with horrible impersonators, the tedious Ted Kennedy monologues, the predictable mocking of his parents – or Richards dad, or in fact any of the other tired retreads of things gone by,  the thought dawned on me: “why the hell am I still paying for this shit, when I feel like all he’s doing at this point is phoning it in?”

Let’s break it down: for a mere $90 Million a year that Sirius pays him, he works 120 “all-in” days, at 3 days (sometimes 2) a week, 4 hours a day!  It amounts to him getting paid $166,666 per HOUR. And that does not include the massive promotion of the “Gong Show” that he helms during vacation time for another $15 Million dollars per season, or the endless commercials and obviously compensated  faux “testimonials” that now have infiltrated “commercial free” radio!

Me and you, and everyone else out there who still pays for what amounts to a stale version of a morning zoo show are having the wool pulled over our eyes by the King Of All Media, The Emperor in his new clothes,  if you will,  who continues to portray himself as “Everyman” but  in reality, been “no man” to us for quite some time.

This is in honor of what used to be, what is, and what will never be again…..

It’s a work in progress so give us some time to become what you, the disenfranchised listener, want us to be…..

Thanks for reading…


Who we are:

Your Hosts: 

Monique –  I have never done a podcast, broadcast, or had a cast. My voice has probably never been heard outside of the little world I exist in.  Born and raised New Yorker who has been an avid fan of KOAM since the WNBC days.  I think I’m funny, but you may not, and quite frankly, I don’t give a rats ass if you do or don’t. I’m doing this out of love for what used to be, and loathe for what it is now.  I am snarky, cocky, and a tad obnoxious, and hopefully you’ll like what you hear…..enjoy!

ARM (John) –  “Big Mouth” Lolz…a true historian, my co-host and keeper of the Flame that was, visit his YouTube channel 17 Squabble Lane

Dennis – The author of one of our most popular forum reads, “The Daily Mockery Thread”, where he does the lords work by recounting along with many other members, the daily antics of Howard Stern, frequent contributor to the podcast, and Beth conspiracy theorist!