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Year End Review 2016

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

Was this in fact the worst year ever? If the Christmas show was any indication, then yes, yes it was. Chock full of bad phony phone calls, horrible impressions of irrelevant people, interviews with the same old same old, and most importantly, more cock talk than any 63 year old man should ever utter from behind false teeth. John and I go through all your thread posts and some twitter comments as our points of reference for what you though were the worst moments of the year. Thank you all that participated.

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  1. He won’t even join the forum, god knows I have tried!!!

  2. Worst year ever, agreed! I think @bringbackjackie is the funniest, and wittiest anti Howard fan on twitter. Can you get him on gunk?

  3. Happy New year’s Howard’s wig! This was howies funniest year yet! Howard totally PROVED he’s not just America’s judge, he’s the greatest interviewer of all times! I think this year proved that Howard never needed Jackie and artie ever, they just got in the way…good thing for those two knuckle heads that Howard is totally selfless and charitable and he pitied them and gave them salaries.