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Wigcarus – The Ascension – Part 2 of Weaks in Review

Posted on Mar 11, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 11 comments

SIGH…The Worst Shows Ever Continue on…Can we really stand 4 more years of this?
More Memet and Benjy, blah blah blah….
I’ll just say one thing…”Rape Whistle”
Remember people, we listen so you don’t have to…

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  1. 1 hr 49 min mark… Supergirl first appeared in 1959… not 1972.

  2. Shank you guyssh for poshting dish! any bad publishity ish good publishity for the show. It means people are lissshhening.

  3. I sincerly want to thank all those involved for for these podcasts and the GunkSite ! The pocasts are informative, very funny and Mo Mo neek neek is a JOY ! “Hurry hurry up guys C’mon, we’re still on Monday”
    Oh yeah, What a laugh

  4. Jezucssshhh

  5. Attention fellow gunkgarians, Arthur Lange has been accused of being in possession of heroin and cocaine! Artie has been chasing the Dragon then tooting the devils dandruff! Will artie ever learnm

  6. Classic_ love the show

  7. Hey…When can I get on again? I’ve got a lot to bitch about Pelican.

  8. i seriously thought monique was go to expire from laughing towards the end!!!…..LOL– great show guys …and spot on !!

  9. Copy written, so don’t coppppppy meeeee. Copy written, touch my boner pleeeeease! I’m loving the new style of gunk you gunkers are doin. The tone, the flow, the wig….wonderful stuff my dudes.

  10. we love each other….and you too…

  11. Love, love the show. Monique and Jackie have to stop the shit on air about time of discussions during show. I feel uncomfortable when I hear it and it does detract from what is otherwise brilliant. Don’t care who is right the show is great. squash that shit now.JS, and Mo you guys are the best. Quit arguing and focus on Wigarace.