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Wig-A-Palooza 2016!

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

One of the most oft asked questions about Howard Stern…”Is that hair real or is it a wig?” We explore this very important question with noted hair replacement Doctor, Alan J. Bauman, of the Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton Florida, listen for bits of his infamous phone call into Howard probing about the wig…Also featuring our favorite denizen, Chaunce Hayden, giving us details of his own failed hair experiments, and some discussion about why Billy West REALLY quit…Enjoy!

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  1. No matter how long we ponder the subject, we just never get to the root of the problem. So Billy West being scalped by one of Wiggy’s fly-by-night advertising clients was the hair that broke the camels back? I’ll be damned. That’s pretty hairy. Well, like they say, “Hair today, gone tomorrow”.
    I have always maintained that Artie is the biggest John Belushi wannabe on the planet. And in his addled mind, he is simply fulfilling his destiny. The only reason that he’s still alive so long after Belushi croaked is because he’s primarily an alcoholic, and suicide by alcoholism is a long, slow, insidiously drawn out process. As much as Artie has romantic notions of being found dead with a spike in his arm ala Belushi or Lenny Bruce, a much more likely scenario is his sharing a cardboard box with Jan-Michael Vincent sometime in the not-too-distant future.

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