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Weaks in Review September 2016 – Stolen Wiglor

Posted on Oct 30, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 11 comments

We had so much catching up to do, we split it into two parts, the end of September, and then October for part two..two months full of Music and Mayem…I’m joking of course, it was the usual drivel with stars nobody wants to hear from, and musical acts that went out with Sebastian Wet Lock..Enjoy!
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  1. Share MORE!!!!

  2. I know a guy who knew howard from roosevelt. But dude never wanted to speak about him when I asked him. That’s when I knew howard and this dude was hiding something. This guy is still around, but never heard howard mention him on the show. Think I heard something on this podcast that howards one friend from roosevelt was beaten up and that when he moved to Rockville Centre.

  3. Nah it’s gay

  4. Your gay

  5. I had a similar issue and I too forced Beth to inspect my balls..then I spit on her and was hunted down by the police…Howard was in the cop car nervously pointing me out while wearing a cop hate and a junior law man badge from a cracker jack box.

  6. Rob zombie: blah blah blah YEEEEEEAAAAHHH
    Elliott Offen: riiiiight?!
    Rob Zombie: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!?!?

  7. Triple double boo ya y’all, keep the episodes coming! They help fill the void, now that dame bethman is gone! Please kidnap her and force her to do an interview on the show, I’d love to know more about her, or him, or whatever…. now picture rob zombie yelling YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH, and Elliot yelling RIIIIIIIGGGGHHTTTT!

  8. thanks for listening!

  9. noted, you should join the forum, people love stories like this

  10. In your episode of ‘Weaks in Review September 2016 – Stolen Wiglor’ you mentioned that Howard discussed the tick on his balls dilemma.
    If this story is true- than it proves that Howard is forgetting his recycled stories because he told that exact story a few years ago when he felt pain during one of his runs in the park and how he HAD to ask Beth to inspect his balls

    Please use hyperlink to listen
    Howard gets a tick on his balls (04/20/2009)

  11. Great show, guys!