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Weaks in Review Part 3 – Special Ops Wiggy

Posted on Mar 23, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

In our never-ending effort to provide you with an entertaining outlook on the worst show on pay radio, we dissect the last weeks of February, and try to understand exactly what is going on with this show.
three hours on ONE weeks worth (that’s 3 days to you) of shows, Part 4 to follow later this week.

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  1. Been feelin’ that Howie has ‘evolved’ into a miserable, boring, dick for some time. I’m done with the show now, he has destroyed his legacy and it’s really a shame.

  2. Love the content, but I have to listen with ear buds and the hacking and coughing into the microphone is ear-splitting! And ARM has GOT to back away from the microphone!!

  3. You think I don’t know that? I’m America’s gunk judge and a fan since day one. I know Mo texts with the sterny sterners and wacky packer”ers, I’m just wondering what’s new with lee marooooooozak, or however that ish is spelled.

  4. They did a podcast with cabbie.

  5. Howwwwart your Americas judge, you made Twitter and the bachelor cool! Beth is soooo selfless, she saves kitties while helping the environment! Here private leer jet recycles water, she does her part! Loving the show everyone!two questions for you funky gunkers….do you guys ever talk to cabbie, and when is Chauncey coming back on? I loved him on stern and I liked the episodes he’s on ur podcast.