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Weaks in Review – October 2016 – My Little Gunksters

Posted on Oct 30, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

So much to blab about, we split it into two parts, Octurkster got riveting by the end of the month! Passive aggressive Benjy, calling out the elephant in the room, and Wigster mentioning his Svengali for the first time on air! Enjoy!

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  1. I love you Cabrones, you guys speak the truth, once in a blue. However, I have to call this Benjy thing, BULLSHIT. He was warned & told that if he was late one more time, he would be fired. He deflected. He should be fied but, I gree with you peeps, he’s there because of Robin, his sister. This is all a bit, & I love you guys.

  2. Do a show on the missing peripheral show folks! Yucko the clown and Dan the song parody man! I love to hate Dan but I’m fascinated by that guy! Focus on bubba the love sponge too, and throw in Brent. How the fuck is Brent working for howie, I thought he was bubbas wanna be ba ba booey!

  3. Oh hellz yes, keep the content a coming! Roll that beautiful bean footage!trunk music, gangsta talk for the state of wiggys career, RIIIIIIIGGGGHHTTTT?! Thanks!

  4. So I guess that it’s safe to say that Howard is indeed a, quote unquote “pussy” who likes to observe other men and make impressions of them. Sounds like the Jeffrey Dahmer story.
    Mentioning Sarah Butterface Parker and Matthew Sucadick reminds me of one of my favorite Gilbert appearances on the show. Gilbert had gone to a party at Whoopi Goldberg’s house and Howard asked him who else had attended. Gilbert mentions Sarah Jessica Parker and Howard says “did you ask her why the long face?”. Howard then asked if Gilbert brought Broderick’s vehicular homicide incident up. Gilbert says “He was fined $300 dollars. That works out to $150 bucks per victim.”

  5. we are working on a whole furry foundation show….

  6. Big fan, love the podcast! I hope someday you do a show on Hypocrite Howie, and how he used to bust on Imus and his wife charity for kids with cancer