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Weaks in Review June 2017 Part 4 – Badge Bunny

Posted on Jul 19, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

We finally finish off June 2017, thank god. We also touch on Howard’s coming out panty party from the current weeks show (July 17) Just because we were so bedazzled by it.

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  1. Did you find them? Parts 1 & 2???

  2. I had an idea to unify the race’s and I call it the kkk…kill kyke kap-jew-lin, a club devoted to wishing for Jason Caplan s death! What a fat fuckin coward I hate that dude. Btw, I WANNA BLOW ALLLLLL MEN AT BARBEQUE S, I WANNA WEAR A THONG, FOR RALPH N PAT MACANA TOO (Howard’s third string football boyfriend)

  3. Fucking awesome….FUCKING AWSOME!!! KEEP EM COMING….BUT WHERE THE HELL IS PART 2? BTW….I wanna blow all men, at barbeques…I wanna wear a wig, cause imma Jew, beth just neighs, and I would tooooooo