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Weaks In Review Howard Stern: Sitting Pretty in my Tommy John underpants 7-17/7-19

Posted on Jul 31, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

I swear I am running out of things to say….This is weak July 17-19 3 whole days of the finest content money can buy. Highlight of the week was the little Pretty Woman “underpants show” he put on for Ralph..
That’s right…..I said Highlight….

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  1. “Is that a gun in your Tommy Johns, or are you just glad to see me?”

  2. As one of your older listeners, I remember Soupy Sales well. He spent the bulk of the ’50s bouncing around the Detroit/Cleveland/Cincinnati markets until becoming a big hit in NYC. His show was nationally syndicated in the early to mid ’60s, which is why he’s so well remembered beyond NYC. He got a lot of grief for that money gag, but he wasn’t fired. He also was a West Virginia Jew/Jazz fanatic/pothead, so he did tend to sound like some Bizarro World hillbilly hepcat.

  3. “Anything in the brain is dangerous.” Robin ought to get that etched into both her and Howard’s tombstones.