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Weaks in Review for March 14

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 8 comments

It’s getting harder and harder to squeeze out a review of this show, small wonder that the wrap up shit show has become a half hour of tedium…but yet here we are trudging onward….a review on March 14-16 shows, and touching on the Bubba conversation on March 28th…

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  1. thank yew!!! xoxo

  2. Once again, I find you highly entertaining!

  3. thank you so much for listening! xoxo

  4. Great show. Arm the plug copter bahahahahahaha. Somer I love your absolute delight in humiliating howard and I love your laugh baby pop. BTW they have left Bubba nothing to lose gonna be great. Hahaha howard is bald and Beth’s cats are from Three Mile Island. Love u guys.thx

  5. As perhaps the only member of the boomer generation that listens to your show, I can assure you that not all boomers are the lemmings you seem to think we are. Sally Fields never did anything for me, and fucking Keith Emerson (a keyboardist, incidentally), a pomp rock icon, was a BIG reason I became a first generation punk rocker. I love Garry Shandling, but if you want to check out a show that was a big influence on LARRY SANDERS, check out FERNWOOD TONIGHT (it’s on YT). Oh, and Chris Elliott also had a good show on Fox in it’s early days. Wiggy’s taste has always been in his mouth, mainstream mediocrity at its finest, whether we are talking music, movies, or TV (I won’t even mention books, since I’m reasonably sure that he’s never read one). To be frank, the only reason that I was ever a fan of the show was GILBERT, himself an atypical boomer if there ever was one (what did you think of Jackie’s appearance on Gilbert’s podcast?), and I will never forgive Stern for giving Gilbert the bums rush like he did. So keep fighting the good fight, exposing the old fraud for what he really is, a closeted manipulating hypocrite from hell.

  6. can you write to me at [email protected] and help me with what you are saying??? thanks…..

  7. Definately Think Howard; or a Staff member fucked his wife too. Definately think Howard was probably the one. I can’t wait till Bubba explodes on this story.

  8. Start the filenames with “RadioGunk Hanzi-Full-2.mp3” that way they’re sorted together. If you want them in order in people’s folders, too, then just add the episode number after the Gunk, before the guest name.

    Perfect sorting every time going forward. =)