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Weaks in Review for 7-31 Wheel of Filler

Posted on Aug 20, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 2 comments

The Photoshop says it all, the “Wheel of Filler! Phony phone calls, filler, inane guests, filler, fighting with Ronnie or JD, filler. Truly a week for us to say “We listen so you don’t have to”…
2017 Official Gunk Nominee for Worst Shows Ever

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  1. he’s the #1 Beatles fan that has yet to listen to the Sirius XM Beatles station!

  2. Especially considering that his radio career started at a college FM station in the ’70s, I don’t think that I’ve EVER seen anyone more narrow minded and downright apathetic about music than Wiggy. (And I’m a onetime musician. I’ve known a lot of DJs. Yuck). Why would you become a DJ if you don’t like music? Remember how he used to ridicule that female DJ (Meg Griffin?) who had the show after his about how she’d play music “nobody’s ever heard of”? And it was obvious he didn’t know shit about the Ramones outside of the fact that the singer was almost as ugly as he was.