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Weaks in Review August 2017 Pt3-Chimes of Our Lives

Posted on Sep 2, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

Our “Obituary” for Charlie Chunk, plus me falling asleep to the Letterman Clips. Lots of nothing.
We listen so you don’t have to.

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  1. thanks for listening….FYI, that is his real fake voice, no modulation..there is a transcript on the forum for you to follow.

  2. good show as usual.
    Nice to hear Jay Thomas’ name mentioned. I transitioned from Howard to Jay ..his loss will cost the channel IMO (he had a big following). As you mentioned, it will be interesting to see what howard will do (replace Jay with a well known host ..or use inhouse talent/presenters to create a new show).

    If i have one complaint about this show it revolves around our fluffy cohort Mr. Whiskers. As Howards dad would say he was way too over modulated. I could hardly understand him at the best of times. Please double his dose of catnip before his next appearence!

  3. Wiggy and Marci Turk must have forgotten that Gilbert Gottfried’s a SNL veteran.

  4. great show guyssssss. cant understand what that fucking cat is saying at the end tho. does he listen to that shit after he records it?

  5. The Corrupted Soul likes Collective Soul.

  6. Double triple boooooo ya mother gunkers! I’m loving the show, FUCK STUTTERING JOHN! And fuck his stupid DAUGHTER that mutilated her body to role play a dude, Monique over John, all day everyday!