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Weaks In Review August 2017 Part 4 – Emo Howard

Posted on Sep 17, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

Horrid grouping of shows, the only satisfaction we got was the knowledge that Jimble Kimble probably got his ass kicked by Molly on Thursday.
We listen so you don’t have to..
Enjoy some of the worst radio ever.

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  1. Howard Stern, & Beth O’s Marriage is Doomed! The writing is on the walls. Stern Fan’s surely can read the signs. The weak of August 21, 2017 with so many weeks previous are foretelling. Shock Cock tells stories on air to convince himself that he and, Beth have stuff in common. The alleged stories in which Plughead claims to do stuff with his wife seem to be fictional to Stern Fans. Will Stern’s prenuptial hold together when the storm hits? Stayed tuned to Howard 100 for more details on the evolving saga.

  2. It sounds to me as if Wiggy and Fred are trying to turn Ronnie Mund into the new Red the Bartender, only they don’t have Billy West to perform the skits or Jackie Martling to write them. It’s funny you mention the time Wiggy and Gilbert started propositioning Dennis Miller’s kid (Gilbert saved that bit), because right after Gilbert and Dara’s first child was born, he made an appearance on the show and Sour Shoes called in using that same annoying baby voice, doing the same exact thing he’s doing here with Jimmy Kimmel.

  3. Good God, let’s not read TOO MUCH into their relationship.

  4. Not appearing on ITUNES when I try to DL it.

  5. thanks for the write up! I just posted it on the forum..

  6. You guys do God’s work. This was much anticipated. And things really started to reach a climax towards the end. I cannot wait for the next installment. And how about that balloons-on-the-beach story literally being something that happened a single time and got turned into something that sounds like what Beth and Howard “do” in their spare time? Fact is, they spend such little time together they have no other experiences to share. It was just some empty statement Beth said in that article recently and that Howard brought up on the air just to cover the tracks of the whole thing. He’s always having to clean up her mess, huh? I can guarantee you that it happened one time because even in Howard’s telling of the story, he was only once bothered to touch his face after touching balloons. It’s not something, I’m sure, he repeated. I just hate shit like that. There are so many things like that… things that happened one time and get turned into “that’s what we do together.” She hates him and she hates any time spent with him. And let’s face it, they are both like teenagers, their entire relationship is just a toxic “let’s make each other jealous” cirlejerk. It just goes round and round with them. I’m sure Howard does something completely benign that then Beth pretends to be upset over, just so she can leave at the first opportunity presented with seeming justification and I’m sure this also keeps her completely unavailable for sex, as well. And then he sits alone and thinks about what he “did,” having to constantly make adjustments to himself so he is not at all offensive. All this getting-things-done and being excited about organizing your emails, and the Howard that only cares about money is all fueled by Beth. That’s what she loves and they basically look at each other like extensions of themselves, and torture one another. Howard does have one advantage over Beth and that is, at least, at one point, Howard was financially similar to the “common man,” whereas Beth has been rich since birth. (And she was a 9 year old model? Please. lol) I’m absolutely sure he hates it if she does anything alone or goes out… and that was said this last week, Beth had a “girl’s night out.” What fucking women does she get along with, since every woman would basically have to bow before her and say they aren’t worthy to be in her presence? She is impossible to have a relationship with. And that’s the most despicable woman: a woman who hates other women, just indiscriminately, because they may be threatening. God, I can’t stand her. But there is no way that ‘girl’s night out’ was not fueled by some kind of made up argument. I know they are in perpetual turmoil. It just has a smell. You can smell that shit.

    Great job guys. There were so many good parts.