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Weaks in Review April 2017 – In the Locker Room with Howie

Posted on May 9, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 2 comments

Sigh…I’ve got nothing..We review the Robin Radar article, the ISDN line, and just how truthful the show is becoming. Howard’s “locker room” Persona is in full effect! Enjoy!
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  1. You have hit them with the Hein with this episode! You’ve really hit it out of the park! What do you do for a living?! But in all seriusnuss that was an awesome show guys! Keep em coming! I heard the Jackie episode too, but what’s. His prooooblem, be won’t talk about howchie? U named the book after him, so you might as well talk about your twenty fuckin year career with the show

  2. Fuck howard