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Weaks in Review 9-18 Madame Wiggy

Posted on Oct 19, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 18 comments

Sigh, well this week we give a little news of the day, then move on to the scintillating week of 9-18, It’s easy to forget. Four Hours , Almost as long as his week!
*We listen so you don’t have to*

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  1. if I told you how high up I live you would be amazed at the amount of noise…Kinda crazy, I know….I’ll shut all windows next time! thanks for listening

  2. Longtime, the bad, non stop sirens mo must live next to the cotton club in Harlem. The good… exelent pre game to keep the show flowing. The humor, the best! Bring it around to who’s on first nice.

  3. will do!

  4. we are BACK!

  5. Yeah what the heck I love your forums but it hasn’t been up all week, AND dame bethman and moldred stern haven’t had updates in months! Is Howard shutting u down (Que up the pic of howaed at the front door lookin to break legs! Dis fuggggin guy!)

  6. How long does it take to get a messageboard back up

  7. Keep the ARM impressions and his cheesy singing to wimpy ’80’s songs coming. Also, a strange note. If you are planning to do a Gunkcast to the Stern b-day show (like the vidcast
    done on Bill O’Horny), watch carefully for the Mrs. at the end of the show. She gets up on stage with him, and while he reads his speech, she flips the pages for him. Weird.

  8. Keep up the ARM impressions and his cheesey singing to awful 80’s songs. Also, a strange note. Please pay careful attention when doing the b-day show (if doing a vidcast, similar to the Bill O’horny Gunkcast) to the speech at the end. The Mrs. joins him on-stage and turns the pages of it while he reads it. Weird.

  9. Sweet, thanks! I’m obviously a massive gunk fan so I’ve been curious.

  10. And once again, Artie plays the crippled, dying dad card.

  11. I wonder what George Takei thinks of Howard’s charming Asian impression?

  12. I will address Chaunce and Cabbie in the forum once we are back up and running

  13. will do! I’ll put in the Arm request today, and yes, working on the birthday show next week. Fixing forum shit today!

  14. LOLZ!

  15. Funny, I live in Cleveland and I didn’t hear a thing about Artie appearing in Akron. And I always read the entertainment listings. They must of figured he’d cancel and save on advertising costs.

  16. How DARE you play real comedy at the end of this episode. THIS IS A COMEDY FREE ZONE. It’s like putting whipped cream and a cherry on top of a hot, steaming turd. Or putting a young man’s wig on top of an old, petrified turd.

  17. “Pathetic” is definitely the key word of the shows covered within this pod. Stern’s stories come across untrue and sad. The irony is that Stern’s primary shtick about Fred is how Fred couldn’t live his life as an adult in the city until he met Alison. It sure sounds like the tables have turned. More importantly, that “fan” call at 1:51:40 – If it were actually true, why hasn’t he just retired already??

  18. Double triple quad quad boo ya errybody! I have interesting questions yinz guys! 1 do u still talk to Chauncey And what the hell is cabbie up to? 2 any news on ians book? 3 who the hell is dame beth man? Definitely some how either related to or just flat out obsessed with Rob “Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh” Zombie. That woman’s singlehanded determination to fuck with the stern family is so hard, imagine if u had to get a divorce from her? Any way, to you all, I love the show keep up the good work. On some of my worst days at work and home you make me forget to be miserable and focus on the bad with your show. I can’t tell you how many times gunk got me thru shitty nights and anxious mornings. Bless you all, keep up the good work and finally, 2 requests…1 give us the howard b day show and 2 arm, sing that crappy seal song next episode, kisssss frommmmmmm the roooose from the graavvveeee! Perhaps in a Ben stern voice, damn that’d be good!