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Weaks In Review 9-11 Countdown to Cocktober

Posted on Oct 2, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 16 comments

Countdown to cocktober. That’s all we’ve got

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  1. we do it for fun. not high or drunk. I apologized in advance for not being able to hear myself on the mic I was on, which caused a bad delay and I have braces that are killing my mouth. the “lady”(that’s me) runs the forum. I notice you joined that as well..

  2. LOLZ!

  3. Nice

  4. Great Show

  5. Why play clips if you talk over them ?

  6. Fudgy the Whale? Is Wiggypuss talking about Robin?

  7. No direct eye contact with new cats…
    It’s all about the battering eyes….

  8. Sorry to be a Kiss Ass; but @moniqe laugther is why I come back….

  9. The (hate)laughter is why I listen @SternFanNation. SFNation bring it mixxoplixx

  10. Hello This was my first one and have some questions. Are the people talking entertainers ? Because they are really not professional. The lady sounds like she is on Jupiter, they aren’t funny at all and they constantly talk over each other all the time.They laugh loud at not funny stuff and play clips to make fun of. The lady sounds high or drunk or something.

  11. Love the podcast. Can we perhaps launch a GoFundMe for cough buttons for everyone?

  12. that was a shit show

  13. pertinence! @ 42:51 Monique hearts booze

  14. Always look forward to the show,not a hater, but the cackling laugh makes it so tough to listen to. Love the recaps, but for the love of all things holy, that laugh.

  15. Howard Stern knew Jay Thomas was ill. He knew he was dying… (Another lie around the campfire) WTF a Game Of Thrones ref…I’ embrassed to be a fucking Fan. The world and the Stern Show has come down to shit. Howard lying about Jay Thomas’s death bed talk is criminal. I have been getting a real hatred.

  16. Stern Fan Nation: Howard Stern is gay. Cocktober begins. Howard’s Wig wants to run from him. Mass shooting in Las Vegas; but Howard Stern will not give it up for a sec. What do Alison Stern , Ashley Stern, Deborah Stern. & Emily Stern think of Cocktober?