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Turks and Pathos – The Cult of Marci, and the ever evolving HSS.

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 5 comments

This week we tackle the news of the week, delving into just who is this person that is now COO of HSS….What is Getting Things Done, and how has it affected the show…

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  1. “jewish, red-headed spinner”

  2. That Marcy Turk is action oriented and able to maximize effectiveness in both operations and decision making. Here ability to take qualitative tasks and apply mechanistic processes is amazing. Simply put she is a proven leader that exemplifies Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s theories while paying homage to other management theorist s. Just kidding fuck her for ruining the show and fuck who ever wrote that song at the end its garbage, seriously.

  3. Between this and the Beth Fan blog – I’m learning more about this flim flam fairy than I ever thought I would.

    Another great show – thanks for making my driving grind exciting again in Dallas.

  4. what if Howard wears a wig ? Beth is a cushion model. Hind regards to robin Fred John hein Gary I love radio gunk.

  5. Another masterpiece! This was pure entertainment at its unbridled best. How you guys do it every week is beyond me, but the important thing is that you will do it every week and provide your friends here with this great opportunity to connect to each other, while bashing our favorite wig. Just think of the awesome inventions that connected people to each other: first the telephone, then radio, TV, cd radios, the internet, cell phones, twitter and now my favorite—- RADIO GUNK!!!