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They’re Around Part 1

Posted on May 1, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

We love this interview! Chaunce Hayden (formerly of Stepping Out, currently of Metropolis) dishes all things HSS with us, including the infamous Neil Cavuto interview, where a prophetic Chaunce was right on the money with the future of the Stern Show with Sirius….Lot’s of juicy tid-bits in this one!

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  1. OMG thank god that one girl is gone she killed the show

  2. Great stuff!

    Stern is a walking contradiction, wrapped in hypocrisy and encased in bullshit that you two ladies are helping to spotlight. The more light you shine, the more you’ll see the cockroach run for his life. I never knew Chauncey could be so entertaining and real down to earth. Bob Levy might be a great guest if you can land him. You are both doing a fantastic job, this is great.

  4. This was an awesome show. A great spotlight on the ongoing hypocrisy of Stern. I never knew Richard Christy had already signed a contract with the show before the ‘Win John’s Job’ contest

  5. Great show! Can’t wait for more, but stop whispering to each other when the guest answers ur questions. Now ask me what I do for a living. So in a sense, in other words, in the sense that, so in other words, so in theory you could say….. great work

  6. This is a great broadcast! Two women talking uncensored and smartly about the wigged wonder is an awesome concept. I love this show!!