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The TV Tales Continue…..

Posted on Dec 21, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 15 comments

This week we have an actual HTV staff member sit in to chat about all the questions you guys have had about what went down with the firing, feelings on various members of staff and show in general…Followed by a weak in review with the joyous announcement of FIVE MORE YEARS…..Plus a little easter egg or two after the music….Enjoy!

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  1. it’s just me and John now…

  2. Gunk can you please do the show by yourself. #theshowwillgrow

  3. Best show yet. Less John = Good show. The women interviewing is the show leader and best interviewer. you should give her the helm… PLEASE START TAKING TURNS asking questions. Let your guests create content, then those of us that still like the HS show can tune out when the 3 of you rant and whine. Still love the content! Less and LESS John. make it just two ladies. Get rid of everyone else. Two lady fans…That has charm but the guys sabotage every interview and ALWAYS STEP ON GUEST ANSWERS. THE LIKE TO HEAR Themselves TALK AND EVEN YOUR GUESTS ARE ANNOYED WITH THEM. MAKE THIS A TWO WOMEN SHOW and you will actually see lots of success.

  4. Thanks for calling us “radio people”….HA!

  5. Nothing more horrible than radio people cracking themselves up at nothing and you guys are the WORST at that.

  6. I agree with a lot that u guys say, however, wasn’t it InDemands responsibility to tell their employees that the deal was over!? Maybe Howard assumed they had. Further, while the show is unlistenable now, he still does better interviews than anyone!

  7. Thanks for listening! we appreciate it…
    I think John has maybe called in a few times, I will ask him, I have gone to a few Beth things, and had a fun run in with MAFB…and no on Elisa’s show, we have been asked but I’m not sure it’s the right venue for us???

  8. this is my new favorite podcast. burned through almost all the episodes in a handful of days around Christmas. each of you are funny and speak from an interesting point-of-view.

    a few questions: have any of you successfully called into the Stern Show? have any of you attended Stern-associated live events? what level of freak show was it? have any of you watched/participated in Elisa’s Kermit & Friends world?

  9. Ha! Love you! thanks for listening! xoxoxo

  10. Awesome job Moooo. Keep it going.

  11. As a seasoned woodsman I give radio gunk a fully erect rating. NFOF

  12. Guys! The show is just getting better and better.

  13. 3 hours of RG. Thanks for making my end-of-year break relaxing as I lounge around for a few weeks here in the Sunshine State.

    Peace & Love

  14. Extremely sensitive comment:

    I appreciate all that you do, all of the great guests you have gathered, etc.

    If your co-host cannot offer a question of her own, but instead merely giggles and only provides affirmations in the background, is she really contributing? This is an interference to the actual dialogue.

  15. Awesome length of 3 fucking hours! I’ll never complain about the long ones – MORE GUNK…MORE BETTER!!