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The Stern Girls – With Chaunce Hayden and Gary Puppet

Posted on Nov 20, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 2 comments

The internet was abuzz with the Emily Stern NY Post interview, and the realization that maybe everything is not quite as rosy in the father-daughter relationships as HS would have us believe. We discuss the article, and the subsequent fall-out, as well as what the other trust-funders are doing with their lives. Everyones favorite twitterer Gary Puppet checks in to let us know about his preoccupation with all things Stern Girls, as well as what he is really all about. Chaunce calls in just because we love him. Enjoy.

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  1. Not sure what her name is, I think it’s Monique, the one that sounds just like Lisa G….she’s great. She’s a good lead and works well with this format. But that other woman, yech. Terrible. Her voice is terrible and she really brings nothing to the conversation. Ditch her. You guys should also stay on point. When you are on topic it’s actually not bad, you’re starting to grow on me. But man when you guys go off the rails you really go off the fucking rails to the point that it’s not listenable.

  2. Great Job as always. NFON