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The Many Lies of Hong Kong Jooey – Emergency GunkCast!

Posted on May 16, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 4 comments

We got together last night to bring you an emergency GunkCast, revolving around the one day Howard has taken off in years, a true show about nothing. Enjoy

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  1. I know, the sex tips are horrid..and we only did Jooey because the character is Phooey….
    thanks for listening

  2. Great podcast! Did you guys check out on YouTube “The Better Half Show”? It’s with Beefy, Mary, Dana, Mr. X, Allison. The first question is “How did you meet?” very telling response from Mrs. Stern. Check it out

  3. as always, loving the podcast. Maybe its a UK thing but ‘jooey’ would pronounce better with a ‘u’ in there somewhere instead of ‘oo’.

    Oh, and i want to go on record and say;
    the 5/15/17 show contained the most nasty Ronnie sex tips EVER! I thought they couldn’t get more grim ..but they found a way of drilling THROUGH the bottom of the barrel with the latest ‘tips’ installment 🙂

  4. The only conspiracy that I don’t think that I heard somebody put out there was that the whole thing was just an ill-thought out publicity stunt. I mean, it did get him in some NYC newspaper/s… But there is so much other stuff to say about this… I think if Stern was really sick, it would have been after seeing the most recent report on listener numbers.