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The Invention of Everything, and the Knowledge of Nothing

Posted on Apr 9, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 4 comments

Taking credit for practically every show on every channel to ever come out. Some insight into how Gunk became Gunk, and giving credit where credit is due.

Also, from Sim cards to Skrillex, Gunk never fails to show us how out of touch he really is…

(photo courtesy of BZNick Thanks!)

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  1. 25+ yr Fan. I am very well versed in Howard Stern Lies; and Bullshit. I listed to your Interview w Jackie; and Found you by accident. I’m loving it. I will definately promote yr show to my 21k+ followers I have obtained in 4 months. I have about 12 yrs experience in running website, Marketing, MetaCoding; and Sales. I would love to shoot The Shit some day on your Show. Let me know.

    Elisa Jordana has been begging me to be on her Show Kermit; and friends for months. I’m thinking about doing it later tonight especially after the Jackie Interview before Howard Gets a word in possibly Munday. I will drop a Mention for Radio Gunk for

    Your e-mail verification code is not working
    reach me back [email protected]

  2. Great Howard Stern Show / Howard Stern Views. Thank God not everyone drinks The Kool-Aid. Refreshing for Sure. I will try to get on his show; and throw out Mentions for Radio Gunk; & . Great Stuff. Keep up The Great Fight.
    I like to Give a Shout Out to Beef in NYC; and her 49 Abandoned Kittens. May-be she will be abandoned next. Horse Sound Drop plays U Horse Tooth Jackass

  3. You’re show is cool, you keep it real, you’re funny and have great personalities and I am with you 100% on all the opinions you uttered on the episode with Jackie. Thanks for telling it like it is!

  4. So glad I discovered this podcast of yours through the Dawgshed! It is so much fun to hear you both. Keep up the great work!