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The Inner Circle Puppets

Posted on May 27, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 4 comments

Exactly what goes on with Fred and Robin? Fred is just phoning it in now, and Robin only comes in when an A lister appears on the Sirius doorstep.
We will touch on the curiosity that is Fred Nukis, and the mystery surrounding the demise of Robins beloved 15 Foundation….Clumpy Stern sits in and gives us a little heads-up on what it was like to be on Stern Fan Round Table…

TP graphic!

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  1. God I love the content but those laughs!!! Jewbris? Quaw quaaaaaaaaawwwwww snort snort quaaaaaw snort EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee wah mawh haaaaaaaaa! Amish toes? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA snort snort snort EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee quaw quawf ah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa snort snort EEEeeeeeeeeee! Keep up the great work, but stop the eight minute multi tone weezy laughing…..and its BOTH of you….arm rules

  2. Fantastic show! This was fun and enjoyable and it is obvious you guys are all doing a good deal of show prep., which is appreciated as it helps enrich the shows’ content. The greatest thing about the show which is still so omnipresent, is how you and we, all share an outrage against Stern and company for their betrayal of their loyal and true fans. You have the foresight to create a forum to express this for all of us, and this is your prime focus…your mission as broadcasters, and you never stray from that mission. The show is relaxed and entertaining. I also really like the free form style from each of you. I look forward to your next broadcast.

  3. Fred is a super bad azz tough guy! When he’s not training in the gym he’s either beating some shit head to death in the boxing ring, or rockin n rolling in his shitty bar chord bar band, KING Norris! Do NOT talk down to fred, or else! His other hobbies include wearing triumph motorcycle shirts (cause he’s tufffff) and emitting that forced, gruff, pedophile like laugh. Fred is so hardcore I heard him call a guy a pussy boy in 1995! I was all like DAYYYUM!!! He’s as tuff as Chuck zito in his prime. I’m sure your all jealous of fred, or just sexually intimidated by him.

  4. is radio gunk dark this week?