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Stuttering John – Nuff Said

Posted on Jun 5, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 8 comments

“Stuttering” John Melendez called in this week. We really enjoyed trying to understand why he is such a polarizing figure in the Howard Stern Archives, you either loved him or you hated him. We delve into bits he created, his departure, and the reasons for it, as well as touching on his years with Leno, a good listen!

As always, TP graphic love….

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  1. Show’s doing just fine and headed in the right direction. I’d just fix the audio levels (compress the final audio file if you don’t have live compressors). The Veal uses a bass boost + live compressor (which gives him the low voice he’s been jealously mocking others for having after decades of not knowing how to get it), so whether he’s whispering or yelling, it’s always a thick audio signal.

  2. No Shit, we know early shows were horrible none of us had EVER done anything like this before!….John is the man however….could not do the show without him…

  3. Do you re-listen to your shows??? Please dont do anymore interviews like this or I cant listen anymore. The SCREAMING in the mic by that loud dickhead… BY FAR, your worst interview. You ALL stomp on every single response Stuttering John makes. You don’t listen, you make pointless comments in response, and everyone asks questions at once. Get a fucking plan. Have one person ask Questions, or ask the first 10, then turn it over for 3 questions to the other woman, and if you can’t keep that unlikable shit john from SCREAMING another question, than let him ask 1. Let the guest answer, guide them with your follow up questions, don’t interrupt them to agree with the answer or commend the guest. The three of you should talk about the show as little as possible. Your whole show is built around the Stern Show, yet you hate Howard – you look like idiots most of the time and your john always is too loud, hateful, inaccurate and always sounds like the idiot he is. Fire Him or silence him – hes too predictable, he stomps on every answer and anything he SCREAMS will always be negative. Your 2 shows with Lee are super, great interviews, very little John, very little predictable negative hating on Howard sessions…Let that woman with all the great questions handle the whole interview. Shes a natural. The others can provide color only, but i’d still fire john and just keep it 2 women. How can you regress? You should listen to the show again. Please get rid of John. Bring in KC!!!!

  4. try this weeks show…..

  5. Arm rulez! Great interview everyone, makes me wonder if clumpy stern still hates stuttering John

  6. Please find some way to move the mic away from the cackling, can’t stand it, not everything is that funny. Bailed after the third cackle.

  7. Awesome show! This is the best one to date. You gave Stuttering John a chance to speak his mind, you were all so respectful of him, while having great questions for him. I like him so much more after hearing you speak with him. And what a story with his leaving the show and being trapped in the middle between Leno and Howard. I heard the show every day during that time and it made more sense to me now, hearing you talk with him about it, than ever before. BRAVO!! What about Jackie Joke man, Bob Levy, for an encore? Riley?? Mutt? Just joking.

  8. Awwwwww hell yeah! Thanks for the new episode gunkettes! Fuck Bob levy, f Jackie.