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Special Edition – Howard and the “House of Horrors”

Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 7 comments

We have all heard Howard Stern talk endlessly about the nightmare that was his childhood, the beatings, the parental abuse, daddy didn’t love me, mommy shoved thermometers up my ass, everybody hated me, waaaaaaaahhhh. In light of the home videos that appeared for about 20 mins on YouTube, we saw a different side of Ben and Rae Stern, the loving, caring adoring side, that belies all the BS we have heard from Howard for years. We hope that this will be the one and only enduring tribute to the Stern parents, because if you took his word for it, they would be horrible monsters that threw him into decades of therapy! Enjoy!

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  1. the tags you entered for this podcast episode are hilarious … “house of horrors”

  2. Sorry, even though we are a little shit podcast, it takes TIME to do them….everyone has real jobs, and it becomes hard sometime to get people together, then the editing process and recording process etc etc is done by just one person, me, so forgive us for the far and few between.

  3. Like the other guys said, we’ve been asking for shorter and more frequent episodes for months but no one is taking those suggestions seriously. Most of the audio issues have been dealt with but you’re still turning these into neverending private parties and the wait between them reminds us of the wait between Howard’s live weeks. Don’t be Howard, listen to your fans and adapt. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Your best show yet. A well researched, psychologically tinged look at the facts and the fictions that make up the bulk of Wiggy’s upbringing and the raging, closeted, self-hating homosexuality that underpins it all. Also nice that Ratso Sloman (and Jackie) get some much deserved credit for making Howard funny. Definitely get Ratso as a guest. Oh, and Bugs Bunny was the only person who was really funny doing drag.

  5. No thank you! I loved the show since day one! Fuck hamptons howie and his psycho reddit defenders! He’s a billionaire who sold out his fans, and the longer you listened the more he betrayed you! Jackie sold shit, oh by the way buy each copy of private parts and see Howard in drag as a brunette, blond, and redhead! Gotta collect em all right? And if Gary is reading this, fuck you ape face, your as terrible as your master!

  6. ha! yes sir!

  7. Ohhhhhhh booya New episode snuck in! Great stuff guys, but pick up the pace! More episodes more often! And I like the super long three hour episodes damnit! And do the b day show episode too, preferably tomorrow! Thank you