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Shooting (The Shit) with Anthony Cumia

Posted on Oct 30, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 13 comments

This week Anthony Cumia checks in to chat about his last days at Sirius, what the future holds for him, and walking on “Gregshells” Enjoy!

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  1. I thought Quivers was the worst cackler,she has met her match with the cackler on Radiogunk. Is it Grace?

  2. It’s Grace! That’s who is killing this podcast. She is god fucking awful. You guys will really have something here if you just lose her. She is fucking terrible.

  3. If he DID ever save a life, it would make up for watching Artie and people like Hank destroy themselves for the sake of good radio….

  4. Yeah, the Cumia show in particular, we, in hindsight felt terrible about jumping in too much…..lesson learned….

  5. The show could get a lot better. Nobody on the show speaks of Howard objectively, if Howard was to save a man from dying somehow these 3 would find something wrong with it. Another thing that really bothered me was when at one point Anthony Cumia was telling a story, everybody was doing there best to cut Anthony off. 1 person is coughing another person is throwing in a shitty one-liner that was off the mark while they all talk over each other, completely disrupting the poor guy.

    Still worth listening to this podcast. The 20 minutes of brilliance is worth waiting 1 and a half hours to hear

  6. Love what you guys are doing overall. You have great guests and have been recommending to all kinds of people that they listen to your podcast.

    But you girls can be a little Howardesque. You don’t let the guests speak. Jackie interview was the best so far. But you barely let Cumia get a word in on this one.

    Either way I’ll still be listening.

  7. Thank you for this! xoxox

  8. On some points, I have to agree with you; Fabulous premise for a podcast (try to find info on KC, post Stern for example), sound levels are still a work in progress, running over great story opportunities we listen to saying ” wtf DID happen to Dominic?” and the moments gone BUT I have to disagree with you re being funny.

    Dominique is actually very witty and that came to the fore during the Jackie podcast. Jackie actually gave the girls something to work with and it has been the best podcast so far, in my humble opinion.

    It highlighted the fact that a good, funny guest is an opportunity to have a ball and laugh with them, cause they’re funny! We are all laughing along. And maybe, just maybe, a lot of the guests are not funny, they’re interesting, we totally want the gossip, we’re interested but making us laugh, no. Cabbie, not funny, S. John, not funny. Ironically Stern made them funny. Joking around with these guys is never going to be that funny. Ninja style, the girls should get in, get the stories and get out. Yes doing the banter and cracking each other up after the interview. Perfect.

    The sound issue is not a major prob to fix, pretty sure the MP3 file just needs to be run through a compressor program once the shows been recorded to take the tops off. Can be downloaded for $40. Hire a sound guy/girl for an hour and it would be sorted.

    In summing up, the girls seem happy to be doing it for shits and giggles and that’s that.

  9. I criticize Stern because he let his no-talent wife, a nobody like Marci Turk and his newly minted left-wing celebrity friends that influence his show directly or indirectly and made it unlistenable.

    But Radio Gunk takes the criticism to a whole new level that is not only extreme but lacks common sense. The main idea of Radio Gunk is that Stern ‘fucked over’ people like Stuttering John, Jackie, and Grillo. All of these guys left voluntarily and realized that their talents were limited without Stern. They weren’t as talented as they thought they were.

    And what’s with taking Cabbie and Chaunce’s side? Those guys are psycho paths who don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. Cabbie fuck himself over with the whole tax invasion thing and got pissed that Howard didn’t get him a million dollar a year radio job when he got out of prison. And Chaunce had a Howard Stern obsession and would literally cry when he felt Howard didn’t pay attention to him. Both these of these semi-retards licked Howard’s asshole then turned on him for the reasons stated above.

    The only ones who have a real gripe would be the HowardTV people. But even that’s even hard to say. Unless promises were made to them that we don’t know about; does Howard owe everyone on his staff a job until he retires? Since when when did he get appointed everyone’s daddy and caretaker?

    And the Radio Gunk hosts don’t even question any of the bullshit that spews out from their guests mouths. The show would be more interesting if you did that…. with or without the improved audio.

  10. I cackled out loud at this! Keep being yourselves, RadioGunkers.

  11. thank you for your comments, we, I promise, are working on getting the sound better. As for our cackling, etc, I’m sorry but it is not going away, which is why we are putting main content in front, and our chitter-chatter in the back, so if you want to stop listening after that point, no problem, we are loud mouths, I know, too loud, I know…. Since all technical runs through me, we are learning…slowly… If I could do this full time, in a small enclosed space, we would, but I cannot, so I am sorry to say, even tho we think we are improving, I guess to your ear, we aren’t (early shows were horrendous!)
    We all agree on Electric Eel…thanks for listening anyway….

  12. Put a little effort into making the sound levels, volume and mix a bit better then 1970’s CB radio quality.

  13. Hi, The following requests are sent with love and positivity toward the three hosts, and are only forwarded because I am happy to have found you but honestly struggle to listen AND I REALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO THE GOOD STUFF YOU ARE DOING!!! No reason for you to get even by doubling what I am asking you to stop as I am not trying to insult you or one up you I just want to listen and if you could help just a bit I would be very thankful. If you truly don’t care about those who want to listen and are only doing the show for yourselves than why record and upload it? You can’t make the hosts happy to the detriment of those who you record and upload the show to have listen. If folks are just asking you to tone down something maybe it would not hurt to help out the listener once in a while.

    My once love which turned to hate for Stern led me to your Jackie interview show. Thank you for creating this podcast. What a fine idea it was as so many listeners of Stern now detest him and his show now. I love being able to listen to other fans say what I was thinking about the shows downfall. Now for the no fun part of my mail…

    I listen to a lot of podcasts and beg of you to please accept a little input from a listener who truly wants the best for you and your needed show as your programs do have a lot of worth and value and entertainment but a few tweaks might make them better. I appreciate you reading this as I honestly don’t know if I could deal with some listeners suggestions, please know it was written only so we can continue to enjoy the programs and look forward to many more in the future. I think you should take a listen to a few of the shows you’ve produced (a lot of newer podcasts make this same mistake as well no one is picking on you folks.) If you do you will hear how your listeners strain to hear one host on his quiet mic while another host’s mic is much louder. We turn up the volume to hear the first but then the louder microphone host blows out our eardrums with a very loud laugh or loud talking that feels like a scream in the ears. Please look up how to balance your levels if that is possible, all the highly listened to shows do this, you never hear them screaming into the mic.

    I would respectfully beg of you actually please cut down the laughing and excited shouting into the mic not to cut down on your happiness but because it is so loud. Please understand that when you are doing that you are screaming into our ears.

    I would also kindly ask you to cut down the joke making and just stick to the interesting talk. I am sure you are enjoyable folks in person to have a conversation and some laughs with but I swear to you your just not funny on air. A lot of the banter and comedy that you express is just not funny for us listeners. Stick to the thoughtful commentary and interesting revelations about the program as that is where you shine. And no I am not a curmudgeon who hates joking around, I love a lot of podcasts that are filled with laughs.

    Thanks For your time , maybe you could do a show on Electric Eel Man and how basically 100% of Sterns bits we all thought were genuine turned out to be put on. An example of these would be the father who had his daughter “stuffed” and kept her with him or many of Sterns phony phone calls… check out this link