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Radio Gunk Presents The Fat Shamer

Posted on Nov 16, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

In a Special Radio Gunk, we explore Howard’s need to find flaw in even the remotely larger person, we listen to some of his incredible tirades against anyone slightly larger than himself, and wonder, in the face of the Carney Wilson accusations, why he hasn’t been exposed for being the Fat Shamer that he is. We also touch on the George Takei claims, knowing that his Gay antics are a show in itself.

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  1. pussy

  2. At the time of Stern’s first contract in 2006, he only needed 100,000 people to sign-up for Sirius in order to cover the cost of his contract. I believe that the only reason they keep him is for his marketing/brand value, not the value his show brings. Sirius needs a face for the company, but I can’t imagine they care one iota about the show’s content.

  3. ‘Now That’s More Like It, Mr. Wayne.’