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Radio Gunk Podcasts Presents The Ralph Hate Show

Posted on Nov 9, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

Fucking Ralph…..What DOES he do for a living? Why does he have a 401K? How, and more importantly WHY did they meet? We explore this fascinating Kato Kaelin of the Howard Stern World, and try to understand the reason he still breathes..

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  1. I love Chauncey, was does every one on dawgs and gunk think he’s a jerk?! I loved him on stern too he was great! Ps please interview Chuck zito and tell him the truth about how ross zapin wouldn’t let him into the b day show!

  2. Yes we plan on Chaunce in the next two weeks or so…

  3. Little faaaaeeeeeeggg ralph! Littllleeeee faaaaaeeeggggg ralph! I love the episode, but I’m bummed their are no major ralph revelations! He’s just not famous enough to have anyone rat him out and give us interesting info! We get fucking TONS of innuendo from HTV people and grillo but nothing too definitive. Ralph is as mysterious as he is macho and bad ass. Daily I fantasize ralph wearing biker clothes and wrestling Chuck zito to death….and what’s up with zito lately. Any plans on talking to Chauncey ant time soon, I like his appearances too.

  4. “…It’s Howard’s girlfriend Ralph”. I remember that jingle, I loved it. I seem to recall it being performed to the theme from MR. ED (A horse is a horse of course of course…etc.), though I could be wrong. Great show. I can never get enough pure, undisguised Ralph hatred. The sad thing is, he actually seems to get off on being known as an universally despised deer tick nourishing itself on Wiggy’s diseased scrotum. Ralph’s the original Gunk Guzzler, a vampire who lives off of any negative vibes directed his way. And in case anyone out there is unaware, the audio clip of Billy West as Ralph’s pedophile priest has recently been posted on YouTube.


  6. Please don’t make fun of Ralph guys, he’s a macho man who would never suck a dick for designer shoes, am I right? Ralph doesn’t care about possessions, he cares about people, and more importantly, people’s feelings! Ok he did for some shoes, but that was a one time deal, I swear! Thanks for hot new episodes of kewl gunk!