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Our Final Weaks in Review’s for 2016! Part 1

Posted on Dec 29, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 4 comments

This marked our favorite guests return, Lenny Dykstra..I’m kidding, he’s gross, and unlistenable…We welcome for a moment, our caller, comedian Jasmine Bear who was one of the girls at the center of the “did he or didn’t he” controversy that was the Dykstra interview. Jasmine discusses why she even went to NY in the first place…We continue with a look at the first two weeks of December. Please see Part 2 for a comprehensive review of the WORST SHOW of 2016 (low praise indeed..) the Christmas Craptacular. Enjoy Part 1

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  1. “Should we edit out the 7 minutes we went dark while we tried to add Jasmine into the group call?”

    “Fuck it… leave it in”.

  2. thanks for listening!

  3. I love this podcast!!! You guys have come a long way in a short time. Good job!!!

  4. Ohhhhh baby, merry Xmas and happy New year gunk nation! My wish is that Howard finally has the guts to blow a dude in front of his father while on air! Spoiler alert: he’ll probably do that by March. Thanks for the new episode!