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Operation: Derp Throat our interview with a Former Howard TV Staffer

Posted on Dec 13, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 8 comments

We understand his reticence to come on air with us, so I asked him some questions on line, and this is our version of how it would have happened on air…all the wording is authentic in our first “mockumentary” Enjoy this revealing interview!
Don’t read anything into the mentioning of any TV members name, this was done to throw you off the scent….

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  1. I was thinking DePace. But anyone with Adobe Audition could speed this up to human speed and, if it’s a known voice, instantly recognize it.

  2. Clear as day my ass! it was JOHN pretending to be the person…..

  3. It’s Lee. You guys did a really shitty editing job, it clear as day to anyone with ears.

  4. it is on iTunes podcasts….

  5. I really wish you guys would make an iPhone app for listening in a more practical way. Besides that, great work

  6. That info had to be from Richie Wilson…

  7. Thank you so much for listening…..

  8. Thank you a thousand times. Incredible exposè. Love you guys.