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King Jackie! Our Road Trip to Jokeland…

Posted on Oct 2, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 12 comments

We had so much fun…drove to the infamous Jokeland, and had a blast. Jackie was thoughtful, informative, and answered all of our questions. He was a kind host, and we loved, loved being able to visit him in his home. Hope you Enjoy!

Rakdar Graphic, amazing as always!


  1. we know, we know….

  2. This is insufferable! I tried to get through it.

  3. Love the show, except of course for the volume (and amount) of laughing, but you guys got the condom story all wrong.

    Alison didn’t find them. She saw a list Ralph had prepared for products howard would need for his trailer on the Private Parts set. As a “joke” Ralph put condoms on the list. And H&A fought about the list…not actual condoms.

  4. It has moments of greatness… but more often than not the Stern bashing is just too overbearing. Stern could save a persons life and these 2 would find fault with it, they just need to be more objective. Also the hypocrisy is ridiculous. They bas Howard for being a ass kissing interviewer but these 2 are no different.

    Regardless the 20 minutes of brilliance is riveting and worth waiting the full 1.5 hours length of the podcast to hear

  5. Um……thanks?

  6. I am a bully…..

  7. Thanks for listening!

  8. my theory is Benjy exploited Howard’s heart to be the son he never had. Gave him Jackie’s job.

  9. Great podcast, one of the best and most real, absolutely no pandering to the Stern koolaid mindset just straight up just how many if not most of the fans feel.

  10. You should let Grace speak. She really doesn’t meander that much and you cutting her off everytime just causes her to lose her train of thought, making it impossible for her to “cut to the chase.” I understand that you feel the need to stay on topic and direct things but when you continue to cut people off it just makes things worse and you come off as a bully.

  11. Why don’t you demand your money back ayehole?

  12. Awesome broadcast u cackling cunts!And F JACKIE!!!