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K-Rock dirt with our guest co-host Steve Grillo

Posted on Jan 8, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 8 comments

Steve Grillo sits in, we just chat away about the K-Rock days, Howard stuff, and the world of the back office….Enjoy…
Special thanks to Chris Munger of the group MY WORLD for our play out song Step Back….perfect song for us!

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  1. Fuck off its the show get over it or dont list you turd

  2. Fuck off, its the show get past it you faggot

  3. I KNOW! I promise I am working on it, all my fault!

  4. Love the show. I really do enjoy this show very much. One problem…gotta do something about the laughing, or at least find away to adjust the audio levels. The loud bursts of laughter go right to the center of the brain and are painful. This show could really be popular, but you have to watch the increase in levels. A lot of people listen to podcasts with earbuds or headphones, and the loud bursts of laughter could cause listeners to just give up. Thank you.

  5. I know! It’s totally my fault! sorry about that…..

  6. at 35min to 39min , unlistenable , someone should run the show and control the flow of the show. The laughing/choking seems more like someone has acid reflux. Volume was recorded to low, otherwise you guy/girls getting much better. Keep up the good work.

  7. the sound is really muffled. I can’t really hear this one at all 🙁