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It’s Cocktober! Our first official RG Parody song..

Posted on Sep 30, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 4 comments

Thats all I’ve got..
Thanks to Xavier

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  1. needs more pumpkin punch :shrug:

  2. It’s Cocktober. Let the ‘Cock Talk’ begin, bring me the ‘head’ of George Takei.

  3. You have rocked out with your cocks out to celebrate cocktober,the official month of cock. Seeing that I am a straight white male between 18 to 50, this content is right up my alley. I can’t tell you how often I gossip with my buddies at the firm about the size, and sometimes girth and texture, of our favorite celebs cocks. We often debate Orlando blooms unit, then stop all WORK to look up said cock. Howard really speaks to important demographics, you can tell that by the prestigious advertiser’s of the show, and more important, the strong financial position of its company, the liquid cash flow statement, and an ever growing revenue line item on the income statement. Take heed investors, over 50 million subscribers love Sirius….

  4. This is so great! Love when you sing the maid’s phone is full and can’t take a peek-sure! The only problem is it doesn’t play on android, but apple products are fine.