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Irrelevant Parts, The Radio Gunk Edition

Posted on May 11, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 6 comments

Okay, welcome to the Radio Gunk living room…we decided to blather our way through Private Parts for you guys since Howard never released a directors cut, OR a Blueray for some inexplicable reason…follow along if you can, since it’s on Netflix right now..Steve Grillo joined to give us his unique insight to the daily goings-on whilst filming, and our favorite Stern historian, Benjamen gives us the real facts versus what the “Biopic” told us..Private Parts, ultimately was a chick flick, NOT the movie Stern Fans were expecting.
OH! and listen at the very end for a RADIO GUNK GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE brought to us by Diamond Goddess Courtesy of Gary Puppet!

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  1. Thanks, we are doing the Birthday bash next time!

  2. I love this concept! Keep em coming. ARM seems very keen on these ideas of running commentaries, and it’s a masterstroke.

    Too bad you didn’t have this going while ol Boner-nose was on GAY-GT. You could have done live commentaries for that, and it’s the perfect running time for your show length.

  3. Cute… the guest superfan on Skype thru this whole thing who is trying desperately to make comments bashing Stern thru the whole movie that he picked up from that old unauthorized biography book… its funny listening to Steve Grillo actively trying to ignore, avoid and push beyond every comment that the guy is making.

  4. This episode was so good. I don’t even mind that there wasn’t a new episode in a while. Can’t say that about the HSS.

  5. Amen!

  6. You know how Don Rickles, after spending an hour insulting people, always breaks into this corny, maudlin song at the end of his act called ‘I’m A Nice Guy’? Well, this movie was Howard’s version of ‘I’m A Nice Guy’. Looking back, it’s pretty amazing that for having the then edgiest radio show in the country, and an edgy best selling book, this movie was SOOOO slick, safe and mainstream. Ivan Reitman? Betty Thomas? Both safe as milk Hollywood commodities. This movie was Howard’s first America’s Got Talent move, his first try at mainstream acceptance and the root of EVERYTHING that eventually made Howard the complete Hollywood phony he now is. If Howard had made the film the fans wanted, it would have been a 90 minute version of the WOR Channel 9 show, just a big, wet, rude fart in the face of decorum. And it would have been glorious.