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In Hanzi we Trust

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 11 comments

You may hate him, you may love him, but he is amazing to listen to, his take on everything going on with the Stern Show, his thoughts on why he was banned, and conspiracy theories galore, at some point you start saying, hmmm maybe he isn’t quite so crazy after all?????

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  1. Imran Khan lives with his dad and mom! (best parody song ever!)

  2. Thanks so much for listening, we appreciate it! xoxo

  3. Just listening to the show right now. I appreciate this show because I’ve never heard Hanzi talk a lot about what happened behind the scenes from his perspective. It was cool that you gave him that platform. Lots of good information that I didn’t know before.

    I like the vibe of the show and your energy. You kept it fun and entertaining and you had great interview skills. Felt like you guys were having a lot of fun too. My only criticism is that the audio quality could have been better, although it was far from unlistenable.

    Great job, keep it up, hope to hear more shows!


  4. Thanks so much! We appreciate that and yes, the show is much better with just the two of us….

  5. Great show that I found through Dawgs. Loved the interview, you guys took turns asking questions, and let Hanzi shine–example of good interviewing skills (take not plug head).
    Tried listening to the older shows, and dear Lord, the cackling and talking over each other was unlistenable. But if this podcast is anything to go by, the show is headed in the right direction.

  6. I was curious about that too. I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast now more than their original episodes… BUT… so much hate for the show… but so much listening. Bah. I won’t complain. It seems to be working…

  7. Hanzi’s paranoia can be trying at times, but he IS on target about Bill Maher being an elitist shill. A couple of months back, Hillary’s mouthpiece, the ever repulsive Debbie Wasserman Schultz, spewed out the same old bullshit about marijuana being the “gateway” drug and how it should remain illegal. It was also reported that she is in the pocket of the liquor lobby. When I read about it, my first thought was “Boy, I bet that Bill “Mr. Pothead” Maher is really going to rip her a new asshole”. How wrong I was. Maher has yet to say A WORD about it. Normally he’d be on someone like that like ugly on a monkey. I smell a rat, and her name is Hillary. Great idea about getting Hanzi a conspiracy podcast. He could be Canada’s answer to Art Bell and George Noori.

  8. 33 minutes in… wow… must be absolutely frightening for that family to be harbouring someone so extraordinarily mentally ill. Textbook schizophrenia.

  9. Why the fuck do you guys listen to Stern if you hate him so much?

  10. Hanzi is the man. He should have his own show, like Eric the Actor had. He should do a conspiracy Theory show.

  11. Hanzi Rocks!