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Hi Gay Howard AKA 50 Shades of Gay

Posted on Aug 14, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 9 comments

Exploring the world of C*cks and balls….The 9″ theory and whether we think he really has tendencies or is just acting out some bizarre homoerotic fantasies…My interview with Mariann from Brooklyn, and week and review! Enjoy!

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  1. We love you too….

  2. Agree with the opinions and show is interesting and funny for the most part, BUT the women hosts have the most irritating, loud, horrendous laughter. It’s just about unbearable. Please, tone it down….. for the sake of listeners eardrums. Otherwise, I love you.

  3. thanks for listening!!!

  4. Another DELISH Radio Gunk!! That whole Stern infrastructure is an embarrassing sham now. ARMlec Baldwin was right to say George Takei was brought it in to open the gay flood-GAYtes.

    It was the perfect excuse to use George as a 4 hour conversational 4 cock-vessel.

  5. Keep up the good work.

  6. always enjoy my weekly radio gunk episode. keep up the good work ladies.

  7. In many ways howard represents the uber man nichze prophesied in thus spake zarathrustra. His scarfs are representative of his disdain for conformity. His hair, perfectly coiffed and meticulously cared for, as all average men are one to Do. His evolution supersedes all assumptions made by Darwin, as he not only achieved physical and spiritual self realization he has dragged his 52 million daily listeners to his enlightened state. Mary Ann from Brooklyn represents a solipsistic view point, wherein their is no reality sans Howard’s show. Benji is more of a metaphysical construction of our own neurosis where good is bad, and bad is the right… when I think of the subtle genius of howard, I gently weep into my decadent, chilled peach soup sorbet that includes a generous portion of toasted almond. It must bother you all the I articulate the truth, CUNT FACE! YOU GOT CANCER OF THE CUNT CANCER OF THE CUNT, RIIIIIIIGGGGHHTTT? GANGSTER TALK FOR BEEF STEW, RIIIIGGHTTT?

  8. Hello Hello from twitter! Every episode has been fantastic. Let me tell you a bit more about Marianne from a twitter point of view. In 2009 when she opened her account there, she had roughly 1000 followers and it stayed about there for a long time, months. After her AGT plugging started, her account blew up in less than 2 days to over 40,000 where it’s been since than. She’s full of shit and now so full of herself she thinks she’s a fucking superstar. Same with Howard and Beth O’s accounts. Keep up the good work on The Gunk!

  9. Some may say that Fred’s violent confrontation of a certain rainbow room patron was the most intense HSS moment. Others say the cabbie beat down by the angry black. Yet I recall a strong, handsome, fully oiled ralph was once maliciously accosted by stuttering john, not unlike Joe corsons malicious assault upon Elliot offens father (riiiiight?) At the stage delicatessen. Ralph used his rippling muscles to subdue and beat John nearly to death with a shoe. After the beating john turned around and offered his behind to ralph, as a sign he recognized his defeat. Do we forget Ralph’s attack against jackie when his beautiful looks were insulted? Some folk believe howard is the height of masculinity but Ralph’s so tough he makes fred look like a low t carcinoma hemophiliac victim!!! Now it is I who have the dawg shed galvanized, memorized, and TRAUMATIZED! A one johnny fratto said I disturbed him, DISTURBED HIM!!! RIIIIIIIGGGGHHTTTT???