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Here Comes the Gunk…..Here Comes the Gunk…..

Posted on Jul 31, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 7 comments

Today we get a little litigious with our Gunk, an expose of some of his finest moments in suing….including an in depth discussion of the XM/Sirius Merger where our favorite DJ thought he was entitled to an additional 300 MILLION dollars because they were now one big happy family of companies..

special thanks to EliasBoy for the graphic..


  1. I could use a second installment of this topic! It seems like you just scratched the surface with how lawsuit crazy Wiggy and Fuckwald are!!

  2. I heart you….

  3. He really is a “man’s man”….

  4. I took a bunch of info from they have a great complete history of Gunky Litigiousness….

  5. Love it love it! Can you post links to the misc. litigation docs you referred to in the show?

  6. Howard needs to protect robin and beth, first off cause he’s an alpha man”s man, secondly, beth and robin are so petite and delicate with with beautiful tiny hands and feet. Robins hair is as natural as Howard’s, jealous much? Beth was a model…..IN EUROPE! Jealous? You should be, her euro portfolio is widely accessible and available! This is in keeping with Sterns claim of being the king of transparency and free speech for everyone, always. I’m sure howard will hunt down and kill anyone who makes fun of him, after his black powder hunting trip. He loves to hunt and often laughs at men who wear fancy 800 dollar scarves in the summer, stern hates that effeminate bull shit. He even has tattoos, it doesn’t get any more manly. No wonder howard looks like he’s 35, he’s too strong to get old, just like his papa Ben.

  7. Aaaaaaaaawwww weee need the gunk better have that gunk, aaaaawwwwww weee want the gunk, give us funk gunk………aaaaaaawwwwwwwwsw we still need the gunk, please accumulate and later disperse the funk, via requisition, and than evenly distribute said gunk while accounting for the funk gunk in question….so in a sense, so in other words, so you could reword this as, in a sense,we want the gunk, in so many words, in a sense…..right gggwooobin? Hoo hoo hoo