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Gunkwards Complaint

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 9 comments

Today we delve into the famous 1969 Book – Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth and how the similarities between Portnoy and Howard are astounding. Did the shy awkward teenager who sat in the back of the class, mold his personae on this quasi-fictional character? We study the coincidences between the book and the man….judge for yourself…

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  3. Love you guys! Keep up the good work!

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  5. You spend so much time writing about RG and lurking on Dawgshed, why don’t you create your own Howard Stern-related program?

    Nobody is forcing you to listen. Maybe you can find a podcast that actually entertains you.


  6. I enjoy your show, it like sitting around with 3 old friends talking about Stern and various other topics. Loved the detour into Lyle Waggoner’s career and 70s TV. Do you recall, teehee, that Lyle was one of the first ‘celebs’ to be naked in Playgirl? He didn’t show it ‘all’ but enough. Google image it.

  7. Cannot listen to that and not suspect Stern didn’t morph his on air psyche from that character. Great show. Great topic and tons of jokes. Keep it up and thanks for all the real laughs.

  8. Yet another set of props to you. You guys have such a great chemistry. I am so happy you have kept up with your show. So much truth and humor. A riot. Love y’all!!

    Jeffy Texan