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“Gunk The Shark” – A Former Stern Fan Square Table Discussion

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 16 comments

Today we try our hand at a discussion with more than four people…Hopefully it worked! Our topic
is “when did you know when Howard Stern jumped the shark????” Thanks to all who joined in on this!

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  1. Good, so nobody will hear us when we start ripping into their world either!

  2. Well I genuinely thank you and I genuinely love, love, love this podcast. I seriously look forward to it and check the site daily. I’m just like all of u, I was a howard fanatic, only to find the harsh truth. ps, I also am from Beth’s neck of the woods, and I assure u her family are nobodies at least relative to our more famous residents. No one’s heard of them before she met howard and no one’s hears from them since.

  3. Thanks for Listening!

  4. I’m totally fine with you hating the laugh…’s all done for fun and supposed to be good natured….I could edit this post out, but I’m learning to take the good with the bad….glad you enjoy the show!

  5. No one in the history of Pennsylvania has ever, EVER called the ostrosky family the Kennedy’s of Pittsburgh. The Heinz family, yes. The Rooney s? Probably. No one in Allegheny county has ever even heard of those fucks, in Fox chapel dentists and oral surgeons are a dime a dozen.

  6. My daughter Beth was a fatty as you can see by her early pictures before she went to “model” in Europe in front of no cameras over 4 plus years… but after I had my dental license revoked for bilking Insurance Companies, I made her eat less since we all had to tighten our belts

  7. Hey Moron

    By the same token, why then does Howard continue to rail against Jay Leno? Especially since we all now realize that Jay is the good guy, great employer who actually took care of his staff, with a well rounded lifestyle and a real wife vs Howard with his vapid, sub 85IQ whorse, his metrosexual, self indulgent hobbies of the month and his insistence that even staff can not be in the same hallways as him. Shouldn’t The Poseur of All Media just have shut up years ago if he hates Jay that much?

  8. What a great show with eclectic panelists from all over the country of scorned ex Stern fans. So refreshing to see people fight the good fight for consumer advocacy.

    It looks like some of the same paid trolls Hoo Hoo Howie and Buchwald use to spam the Beth-Blog are being deployed here to spread their tedious delusional lemmingdom.

  9. Both ladies rule with ARM! I love the content ‘as is’ and would not change a thing…and I love the laughter, haven’t missed an episode yet. Bye the way, what the fuck is “Amish toed jewbris” and what an asshole comment to make. You sound very disturbed and use message boards to vent and project your self hatred…GET LOST ASSWIPE!!!

  10. Asswipe, that’s the point, Howie did retire early and is pretending this shit is still a show. Also, why the fuck would you listen to a podcast or spend time on a message board, both great ones at that, that is dedicated to the disenfranchised fans of Stern? Finally, there’s something called ‘spell check’…might help your attempts at expression, the operative word is ‘might.’ Now GET LOST!!

  11. You tell em fred, don t talk down to howard! May I remind u Fred once called a guy pussy boy? He don’t back down!

  12. If u hate howard so much, how come u still talking about him and make an entire show out of it? dont u wish u could retire early? it a fuking show get it?
    he dosent owe u shit..get over it

  13. I’ve seen ’em both… and they’re both slim, in shape foxes…Now please submit a pic of your own ‘hottie” for comparison.

  14. Once again, greatness! Thank you so much for doing this. Such a fun, fascinating listen.

  15. Oh fuck, listen at 38 minutes in….but still the content is 11 out of ten, fuck saying noine

  16. Your content is great, but your fat chick laughs lead me to believe your both fatty fat fats…..arm rules…Amish toed jewbris, QUWAAAA ARP ARP EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE SNORT SNORT EEEeeeeee, now hers the aggressive ARRR HAHAHAAAAAAA, followed by EEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEE