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February Stern Fan Square Table

Posted on Feb 20, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 5 comments

Jesus….Talk about your show about nothing…It was GREAT! It felt like a bunch of us got together in someones living room, and just blathered away for over two hours about everything and anything that came to mind..thanks to Jerry at Stern Fan Nation, and Tommy from Malden for your Stern insight, and Nicole Bass for throwing her two cents in! Apologies in advance for the N word, I left it in because this is in fact how people speak…sorry for any offense….

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  1. If you listen carefully you can hear the punchline was laughed over.

  2. The punchline was laughed over, buddy.

  3. Boy, you clowns really screwed up Gilbert’s Paul Lynde joke. THIS is how it really goes: Paul Lynde walks into a dilapidated dinner theater he’s to appear in later in the evening. He looks around, a sneer of disgust on his face, and says “This place smells like CUNT….I think.” Leave the jokes to the pros, kiddies.

  4. Top Wack Packers Of All Time
    1. Hank The Angry Dwarf
    2. Eric The Midget
    3. Beetlejuice
    4. Elegant Elliot Offen
    5. Crackhead Bob

  5. Downloading now, will take this for a walk with me. Have you guys considered doing your own HSS Wrap-Up show? It could be regular, released later in the day on all live show days… it could be independent right here, or offered on a podcast network with balls (CBS owns Play.It, don’t they?) If you have the support of the Shed, I don’t see why you can’t become the new voice of the army that Stern sold out for Hollywood access.