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**EVEN NEWER Radio Gunk** Wendy Williams Takes on the King Baby July 22-24

Posted on Jul 31, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 19 comments

Well, another week of boredom, UNTIL Wendy Williams pops on, and gives Howard a taste of his own intrusive medicine. We speak your name Wendy, for giving us a little excitement in an an otherwise lackluster series of shows…

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  1. Come on that show then! at very least come on the forum and throw this up there, so we can start grabbing clips!

  2. at least their censorship means your podcast is the only place online with interview clips. Hopefully that will drive more people towards your podcast 🙂

  3. Time for a BETH-A-THON!! Let’s get crackin on that!! So so much. And how the HELL did you not notice howard said “my wife doesn’t have the most dynamic personality” ?!?!? OMG!! LMAO!! I died when he said that!! We all know it’s true! You guys are SOO fucking jaded that you don’t even notice things like this because it’s so common sense, but for a man to say about his wife on the air, nonetheless, that his wife does not have a “dynamic personality,” I’d say that’s a worthy mention! Tonns of beth stuff lately though, from the #annoying (black hole sun) to her leaving the door open when the a/c is on and howard realizing they have such a divide in the way they were raised, to beth hating when howard laughs, tells him he has garlic breath, and even more recently howard said (in reference to the dog howard was trying to get people to adopt) that “beth wears the pants,” and even more so into his therapy talk and how he says that he has “levels of problems” and some of them being how he doesn’t ever believe anybody could ever love him– uhh, could this be because you’re literally with someone who doesn’t love you? And you’re having to go to therapy to convince yourself that’s it’s “just you” and she really does, deep down? Don’t you see how this therapy can be used so completely backwards? BETH – A – THON!! It has been demanded!!

  4. I wanna be radio gunks Maryann from Brooklyn, “weeee love you Monique, and arm and Benjamin and Jackie chair, oh yessss I doooooo!”

  5. Those replays will never happen again….

  6. Yes, they removed mine within 5 minutes of posting…thin skin can dish it out, but can’t take it..

  7. Thought you might find this interesting:

    1. NO mention in the interview synopsis (on the HS website) of ANY of the controversial points Wendy raised about howard and the show. Feels VERY censored. here:

    2. The interview itself (and show that day) are suspiciously missing from youtube ..and online generally (from my google searching anyways).

    ..should i don the ol’ Tinfoil hat now 😉

  8. “Hi Jon hein I’m a big fan of fast food mania, presumably because I suck dick and I’m fat and stupid. We have so much in common, I only wish we could bond while trying on underwear and doing gay dances, like alpha males so often do. Howard is just like me n my straight friends, we always gossip about big cock and trade opinions about who has the most beautiful cock, a question every straight man has, right Gary?”

  9. You take was Great, I can’t listen to the whole interview. The Cringe factor is insane. I downloaded it but there is so many awkward breaks in the conversation. haha Good on Wendy even though she was a little too nervous to bury Wig. Good try though. I can’t wait till Wendy Williams interview gets replayed over and over again.

  10. If Howard had a sizable penis, he wouldn’t be that fond of zippers.

  11. yes! exactly!

  12. shit happens, I was told I should fight it, but am a bit loathe to..

  13. thanks for listening, yeah, we hope this removal was a “one-of”

  14. Great podcast!
    Loved how you can hear howard grinding his teeth in anger when Wendy hits him with the ‘yoko’ line 🙂 you think Wendy’s combo of being black AND gay is like kryptonite to howard? (when it comes to comebacks). So he can’t attack her ‘hard’ because he knows the twitter (etc) shit-storm that would engulf him 🙂 His own audience is WAY smaller these days then those groups (so he wouldn’t end up on top in the argument).

    I’m Surprised your show got pulled from youtube ..but given how Sirius (on youtube) has been going after the daily HSS uploaders in recent weeks I’m figuring you got caught up in that.
    Although does make you rub your chin and go “Hmmmmm…” 😉
    I’ve been wondering if youtube has given Sirius the ability to block content themselves (instead of youtube having to do it).

    And my 2 cents on the huge increase in gay segments over recent years (apart from aiming at the gay audience and appeasing GeorgeT) – I just wonder if Stern is enjoying ‘punishing’ a certain part of his listening audience (those who cringe at the gay segments). In recent years he’s even stated he enjoys doing that!

  15. I don’t know if it was accidental or on purpose, but Rob L’s comment at the very end saying that he was a big fan of ‘Fast Food Nation’ is VERY different than being a fan of Jan Hein’s short-lived show, ‘Fast Food Mania’. I’m wondering if this was an intentional dig, or just a slip-up, because ‘Fast Food Nation’ (what was mentioned on the WUS by the caller) dealt with the dismal conditions of the fast food industry. When Jan Hein ended the call, he thanked the caller for being a fan of ‘Fast Food Mania’. Again, not sure if it was on purpose or a slip, but if it was on purpose, it was absolute genius. I actually wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly at first, but when I listened back, I couldn’t help but LOL. Whether purposefully, or accidentally, it was absolute hilarity. Either way, Jan took it as a compliment.

  16. His DVD–Call of Shuli: Israeli funny.

  17. Even though I am a member of your forum, I occasionally do some listening of your pod on YT. I’m SO disappointed to see that this one was taken down from there. While I’m sure that you have made some changes, I can’t help but recommend taking out a couple clips and/or shortening some of the ones you have by a few seconds. Regardless, this is ridiculous! I would hope that you guys are trying to find out which exact ‘fair uses’ were “abused” and hopefully it will be back up soon, even if slightly edited (YT usually gives a pretty thorough reason/s why something can’t be posted). Lastly, you DON’T want this to become a trend on that site. Thankfully you have this site to keep the pods coming! I’m a huge fan and am always looking forward to your content. I couldn’t believe what I saw on YT earlier today, what an abomination!

  18. Aren’t Button Down Flys introduced by Levi’s Strauss who was Jewish?????

  19. lol….looks like wendy is doing the thigh master with wiggy’s head