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Crazy Cabbie Checks in…

Posted on Oct 16, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 29 comments

This week Lee Mroszak, better known as Crazy Cabbie checks in to let us know what he’s been doing with his life since he went into “their around” status..We enjoyed him tremendously, Hope you do too!

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  1. The guy needs to fix his audio, and the constant sucking ass is hard to handle…But I am a Crazy Cabbie fan, even though he is a complete scumbag.

  2. Exactly.

  3. Your beyond stupid. Its you’re, Einstein

  4. good show and content but the loud laughing is almost making it unbearable to listen … you guys should learn to move away from the mic’s when laughing that loudly … listening back to the show you must hear that the laughing is way overboard and overkill … cabbie was on the radio for years & years and he is a pro , take a note from him and control the laughing outburst

  5. thanks for listening! go to some newer shows….

  6. You people are sorry human beings..First be fair and not phony to whatever guest you have on and you kiss their ass and agree with whatever they say(As long as they are bashing Howard)..and get your facts said that Ron Jeremey needed Cabbie to get on the show really?Look up 2005 Ron Jeremey is in studio and he plays a game against Richard Christy about porn facts so do some work..I was a die hard Stern fan and I know his show sucks now and I don’t listen anymore..move on! you guys sound like bitter high school girls and that pussy guy who chimes in.

  7. Lol, the reddit freaks found your podcast? So is this mymaserati, ohmyrobin,or kcsgay? The most dedicated stern sheeple apologists on the web!

  8. we do it for fun, not a career dummy…..

  9. So let me get this straight. Your trying to carve out a career talking shit about Howard Stern? kind of pathetic. Anyway, do you actually believe what your saying? you truly think Cabbie was in the right? with making a porno in the studio and all of his bullshit? Your beyond stupid… You (the hosts) strike me as the kind of people who just side with whoever your talking to. How quickly you talk shit about Studdering John in this interview when you’d be sucking his dick if he was on the phone (lets be honest). Lame…

  10. It’s my understanding that Cabbie was plugging a weight loss product on Stern’s show – they didn’t buy time. Stern didn’t know he was going to do it and he commented that he looked fat because…he was fat.

  11. My God, the cackling.

  12. Cabbie is a phony. Phony paratrooper.

  13. Fuck the guy complaining about fuck! Fuck yous guys you fucks! Yinz is jag offs!

  14. Apologies! I literally have a sticky on my computer that says “Stop saying Fuck”! I’m better nowadays!

  15. Thanks for the podcast- really great, except every other word is “fuck.” There’s other ways to be casual and genuine I think.

  16. Cabbie is a disillusioned turd! He had allow this “blackmail” against Stern though of course it never appeared. Also, if it was true that Stern “allowed” him to film a porn (which Tom would have never allowed) than why did Cabbie keep it secret. Fuck that lowlife, so glad he’s blacklisted.

  17. Nice log in name ha!

  18. You got my vote. I just have discovered you and I’m sold already. I am this guy!
    I found you as I was wondering what ever happened to Cabbie. I have much respect for him but I always thought he was too honest for his own good. Howard, back then, was a total homophobe, he totally called Cabbie a fag, He was constantly calling people fags. He had the Homo Room, which he later called the homosexual room.
    Unfortunately, Howard has the power to make or break someone in radio. Well, to an extent, he’s able to have an effect on the careers of people if they’re not a household name and multimillionaire. He talk about all he had did for Cabbie and Cabbie stuck a knife in his back. Bullshit, Howard stuck the knife in his back by fuckin him around when a company bought time to advertise on the show and two separate incidences he was called Obese. Talk about undermining a ad campaign. I FUCKING HATE SHULI! So I agree with you on almost every turn.

  19. First timer here. Guess I’ll find out in a second if it’s annoying or not. 😉

  20. What a bunch of talentless hacks. Thank god for Cabbie otherwise this drivel would be completely unlistenable. Whoever you are, you are all terrible and should not be anywhere near a microphone. Stop riding other peoples coattails and create your own thing. Leeches and parasites.

  21. Cabbie sucks and always have…I wouldn’t even trust him with Monique’s cock.

  22. great! cabbie 2016!!!!!

  23. wut happened to all the comments? they disappeared. this is like Stern editing his tapes.

  24. I think most people love the laughing. It makes it fun to listen to.

  25. Thanks for listening! I’ll try to tone down….try….

  26. Female host owns the show, and female hosts like to laugh…..we will try to be good girls in the future….

  27. You’ve got a great thing going, but frustrating when female hosts cut across interesting topics brought up to make REALLY stupid jokes. You might not give a rat’s arse if people think you’re funny, because you think you are, but that’s a bit of a Sternism is it not? Pissing on your listeners? Engage in a bit of self critique and bring it down a notch. The cackling is unbearable, no shade, it really is. Having said that, VERY interesting, you could be truly fabulous, listen to your own podcast, you’ll know what you need to do.

  28. Sound is getting better every week. Monique’s voice was a bit louder than everyone else’s this week though. And Cabbies quieter. But there was none of the really obvious highs and lows like in the early episodes (I’m not a sound person so not sure how to describe that lol) It’s much much improved but I did find myself having to turn it up to hear Cabbie and back down when Monique would speak at times.
    I’d like to hear more from Grace and Arm in the future. Fun show. Keep them coming:-)

  29. Please fix the audio, level it out plz , get someone to run the board