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Beth: Part 1 Redux….The Awakening!

Posted on Aug 7, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 5 comments

We are going to try just one more time to get to all things Beff! Tonight we go through the early years, up to the wedding of the century…..

Thanks to Rakdar for the great graphic!

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  1. Yet ANOTHER Beth show that I never wanted to end. There’s got to be like endless shows derived from this Pittsburgh Pollock’s pathetic peccadilloes.

  2. Those guys are NO fags….as for pictures, We would love to show you, but then we would have to kill you…..
    thanks for listening!!!!

  3. You, sir, are gay AND faggot.

  4. wooooooo!

  5. Always look forward to a new episode. Love it