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Beth O….Part One…..The Early Years….

Posted on Jul 23, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 11 comments

Tonight is the start of our summer series! Chaunce Hayden joins the conversation again, and discusses the early days, when Howard met Beth, the fabulously vapid interviews, the “how we met” timeline, plus a little segue into Donald Trump back when he was a pussy hound fabulous audio….and more….

Thanks to Eliasboy for the graphic….

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  1. Radio Gunk is the real Wrap Up Show

  2. I have NO winst info, I can’t tell if he works at sirius and is ribbing everyone, or if he’s some hanzi like psycho. We gotta admit that his patience is infinite. Even cabbie, under the name les crucial, gave more info… and the info he gave was widely available before his posts!

  3. Thank you for listening!! xoxoxo

  4. Ha! IS there a truth to be had???? Seems as mysterious as it always has….if you have deets, SPILL….

  5. I enjoy this show, its like sitting around with a few old friends talking.

  6. As a former Stern fan I love these extended roasts. Getting former staffers and show insiders is hilarious. I like how you don’t pounce on them for dirt, sort of lead them and let them reveal in stories.

    The flow of the show is good, only exception is the woman (Ray Stern accent) who shouts over punchlines. It’s loud and frantic. You all get in jokes but the screaming laugh and random words yelled over other female host sounds forced and jarring. It kills my ears on my headphones.

    Please keep it up. Look forward to more great Radio Gunk.

  7. When is winst gonna come on and reveal the truth about scott ostrosky

  8. Why aren’t these deliciously revealing shows getting more media traction?

    All the gossip hounds should be humping this every episode. Great work, guys. Don’t ever stop fighting the good fight or thinking it’s time get over it – because the pissed on ex-fans will never ever.

  9. Love me some Radio Gunk!

  10. Awesome!

  11. Ohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaa New gunk! This reminds me of the time I heard fred norris call a listen pussy boy back in 1994!!! He’s tough and handsome, am I right ladies?