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Am I the Crazy One??

Posted on May 13, 2015 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

This week we do a review of the fabulous Letterman Interview, as well as an in-depth analysis of Gunkwards OCD, Narcissism, Manorexia, and a host of other issues he has going on. Dr. Deee joined us for this analysis.

Thanks to Todd Packer for the Shop!

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  1. Fuck you

  2. Honestly, one of the best episodes you’ve done. Deee should be the go-to psychiatrist when you want to discuss the wigged one’s deep nuttiness.

    Fillmore Fingers

  3. Howard had lots of sex at camp, your just jealous. We called him dreamy blue eyez howie, and we would grease him up and marvel at his physique. People like u make me sick, howard evolved into a beautiful butterfly of social peace and justice, is that ok with you? Garry is a conqueror, howard never exploited him. Howard also never knew about arties drug problem either, even if that’s what artie claimed in crash n burn. I love the new evolved howard, cause i love pedicures and lady gaga, I’d rather have more sensitivity as opposed to fun or laughs…’s…It’s not fun. It’s not funny… zooooooo zaaaa zooooo zooo zooo, zoo za zoooooooo