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Weaks in Review – June 17′ Part 3 – Plugahontas.

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 by in Radio Gunk | 3 comments

Like Howard, we forgot all about his show for the last three weeks, we are back with week 3 from June 2017..Part 4 to follow tomorrow, I hope!

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  1. Great show, but Mo with her seven course meal. Never stoped with the eating and drinking, I thought at some point shes gona get full of those penbuttr sandwiches, and the non stop lip spacking. And tounge swirilling. I know she does the show from her house, but dont disrespect the listener like that.

    • so I guess you do not realize I have full metal teeth braces and sometimes it is hard to actually speak with them, so yes, I am in fact constantly drinking something, and going non stop for 4 sometimes 5 hours with NO BREAKS necessitates some food. The braces come off in October, you can wait until then to listen again, if you would like. thanks.

      • Do the braces make you appear…underaged? If so, would you care to model some Catholic schoolgirl uniforms for me?