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The Electric Eel Conundrum with Harry Artin Berberian

Posted on Aug 21, 2016 by in Radio Gunk | 12 comments


Ever wonder about some of those outrageous phone calls we used to hear on the Howard Stern show? The guy with the stuffed 14 year old daughter, the guy going around killing animals in his neighborhood…Do you remember the outrage so many REAL callers felt about these people? Wonder no more, as we have always suspected, these calls were indeed mockeries, most of them conceived of from the mind of Harry Berberian, and his production company Electric Eel. Listen to the show, and come away with even more disappointment in how the man we loved for so many years, pulled the wool over our eyes time and time again.
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  1. Hi guys, LEG here, I think there’s been a mix up in regards to my ban from the forum, I was simply participating in the what would you like Santa to give you for Xmas thread.

    I dont understand why I was banned and would like to get the ban lifted, I had no problems with that dude who wanted a drone, why am I being penalised for my desired gift.

    I believe all gifts matter and you shouldn’t be so judgemental.

    I am however, willing to come back if you apologise and reinstated my account.

  2. You guys live in Manhattan obviously. Is there any way you could get Elegant Elliot Offen on the show? I believe you’d get what Pelican always wanted. An honest interview with no yelling. I’d love to hear his insight and options about Pelican.

    • Me too! But I don’t know how to get a hold of him, nor do I want him in my home!

      • Totally understand not wanting “Elegant” Elliott Offen in your house (I wouldn’t want the guy to even know the vicinity of where I live!) but you’ve gotta try and get him on the show: whether it be by phone, or Skype…or something? Because that’d be fantastic! I want to hear what that guy has to say today!

  3. Now I’m finding myself upset you guys aren’t doing enough shows. Not too upset of course, you’re doing it for free and Pelican certainly isn’t.

  4. I love radio gunk and I hate pelican. Keep up the great work…best podcasts I’ve ever heard.

  5. Has Howard criticized a single Jew since Marcy? Someone brought this up the other day, and once you start pulling at that thread, it gets weird. Every single non-Jewish icon that dies gets a public reminder of every bad thing they were ever rumored to have done… Prince, Bowie, you know Madonna’s gonna get it bad when her turn comes… but Steve Martin? Seth Rogen? Adam Sandler? Jerry Seinfeld? All perfect!

    PageSix and TMZ do the same. Go after all the non-J’s, leaving the population with the impression that Jews really are a superior race of flawless people. It’s crazy.

    • Hmm, yeah, I think you’re onto something here? I noticed very similar “issues” with the show…seems to be something to that thread?

  6. My alter ego, Hortense the Hand Puppet of Low Self-Esteem, who actually runs Electric Eel

  7. Hmmmm

  8. Harry, you should look into contacting reality show production companies. You have unique skills that could still make you a good living.

    • Thank you Bill

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