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Radio Geek Presents Fantastic Foreplay Review of Logan

Posted on Mar 24, 2017 by in Fantastic Fourplay | 4 comments

Our discussion of the newest entry to the X-men movie franchise. Logan. Some loved it, some thought it was just okay, we dissect the movie, the future of the x-men, and how the movie compares to the comics it is based upon. Enjoy!

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  1. my pet theory on special edition releases goes back to the first ..Aliens. They more then doubled their revenue with it’s release (compared to the original cinema+video releases), which they were not expecting at all. That started the trend (as well as the movie The Abyss). However (roll forwards to today) i feel it’s more commonly done with the hope to offset sales loses due to piracy/online streaming.

  2. Interesting podcast. However (being from the UK) I nearly fell off my seat when the majority of the cast said they never read the Asterix comics as kids ..or adults! 😉
    Didn’t think they were missing from the US kid literature scene. Anyways, they did immediately save themselves with the Battle of the planets reference 🙂 Made me think of other classic early 80’s cartoons (city of gold and Ulysses 31 to name two seminal greats)*you said “seminal” Huh Huh*

    keep up the good work all!

    • I know! I thought I was going crazy when nobody had heard of them!!

    • 50% is not a majority. They even made an Asterix movie with Gerard Depardieur!